Servers of South Korea Broadcasters and Banks Crash by Possible Cyberattack

South Korean police are investigating whether North Korea has a hand in the shutdown of computer networks of the country’s three major broadcasters and three banks. Authorities have also said the government is bracing for more possible cyberattacks.

Terrestrial networks KBS and MBC, as well as cable channel YTN, have reported that their computers were affected. Their broadcast, however, remain normal.

Meanwhile, Shinhan Bank has reported that its online banking servers had been temporarily blocked. Their technicians are able to restore operations. Two other banks, Nonghyup and Jeju, have reported that operations at a number of their branches were paralyzed after its computers were “affected with virus and their files erased,” according to the government’s Financial Services Commission. Another bank, Woori, reported an attempted hacking attack but no damage was done.

No disruptions were reported from government offices, the military, and the country’s nuclear power plants. However, authorities have said computer technicians are on a higher alert against possible hacking attempts.

You cannot blame South Korea for pointing at the possibility of North Korean involvement, after its neighbor lashed out threats of unspecified “counteractions” against the South for its support of tightened United Nations sanctions against them, in reaction to North Korea’s recent underground nuclear test.

North Korea also accused South Korea and the United States for cyberattacks that allegedly shut down Pyongyang’s websites temporarily last week. Its official news agency said last Friday that the Stalinist state “will never remain a passive onlooker to the enemies’ cyberattacks that have reached a very grave phase as part of their moves to stifle it.”

South Korean officials claim that North Korea has been maintaining an army of online hackers whose mission is to disrupt its enemy south of the DMZ. You see, South Korea is known for its really fast broadband Internet, with government operations and daily life greatly depending on it. North Korea’s hackers have been blamed for a series of attacks against government and business websites in recent years, including its state-run bank.

Source: New York Times
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